Technical Features
  • 12 button keypad
  • 8 digit Master and Sub-Master Code
  • 4 digit User Code
  • 6 digit Technician Code
  • Vertical, right and left hand versions
  • Private / Public Function
  • Easy to fit and program
  • Up to 100,000 operations from 1 x coin cell battery
  • Battery Override
  • Auto Unlock
  • All parts / fixings / templates included
  • Two year guarantee*

  • Options: Three available
    Operations: Up to 100,000 openings
    Batteries: 1 x coin cell battery (supplied)
    Low Battery Warning: Red LED will flash on opening to indicate battery needs to be changed
    Memory: Non-volatile memory will be retained
    Battery Override: A PP3 battery can be placed against external contacts
    Material: ABS
    Functions: Private and Public
    Door Thickness: Surface mounted up to 25mm (1”) Flush mounted up to 40mm (15/8”)
    on request
    Buttons: 12 individual buttons
    Fitting: Easy to install and program
    Fitting Options: Vertical, right and left hand models
    Finish: Silver grey standard Black and white also available
    Auto Unlock Program: Set lock to open after set time
    External Dimensions: 90mmH x 30mmW (39/16” x 13/16”)