TUPAI leads the way for exclusive designs and produce contemporary modern European lever door handles in various finishes. Beside the door handles the range consists of architectural door hardware for domestic and commercial projects. 

TUPAI has started in 1976 and has the entire production process under control – from the design, raw material to the final product assuring high quality standards subjected to high technology. TUPAI is able to provide more than 150 finishing.

The TUPAI products are manufactured to the highest of standards and will add that distinctive finishing touch to your project.


Hygienic Door Handles


Door handles are by far some of the most bacteria- and germ-ridden surfaces in a building. Everyone touches the door handle. Who knows if their hands are clean or if they’ve just recently sneezed or blown their nose? Those germs quickly move from person to person, possibly spreading illnesses all over the building.

TUPAI has developed hygienic door handles made out of brass covered with 99.99% pure collodial silver (Silver Water).This silver coating helps to significantly reduce the concentration of pollutants, bacteria, viruses and germs on door handles which are used as the first contact when approaching a main entrance door, apartment door or internal rooms. In this way, they also help to reduce the concentration of coronaviruses on door handles. This prevents the coronaviruses from being transmitted to people in the first place and possibly making them ill. 

This silver coating treatment has an extremely long period of activity and it will last for 10 years on the TUPAI door handles! ( tested and certified by recognized European institutes ). It has high resistance to water vapor and stains of cold or hot liquids. It also resists abrasion and scratches. The door handles are easy to clean and maintain.


Door Handles

The stunning TUPAI 5S Line designer levers are manufactured from premium solid brass and feature a 5mm slimline sprung rose. These timeless designs are enhanced by a selection of elegant finishes to complete the minimalist look.

TUPAI 5S Line has a rectangular lever with a long, slim and straight design and a radius end for easy grip. They are made unique by the all-new minimal 5S Line 5mm sprung rose.

Ultimately modernistic, totally on trend and stunning. The design creates a sleek and smooth facade that is ideally suited to modern and minimalist decor schemes.

TUPAI 5S Line is exactly what you need to create a sensational design statement.